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Things To Know About Amazon Suspension Appeal

No doubt, the online retailer gives everyone a fair chance to boost their sales online and enhance their exposure online even during the challenging times of covid19. But things are likely to be detrimental to one’s business if Amazon, in a blink of an eye, decides to revoke their selling privileges. There are several factors unknown why Amazon chooses to suspend the seller accounts. When this happens, people are shocked and unaware of the things and wondering where they can seek help for the amazon suspension appeal.

The Different Types Of Amazon Suspension Appeal

  • Account Suspension: It means that amazon has completely shut one’s account, and they have almost all their account besides the seller privileges across the platform.
  • Listing Suspension: It mainly happens when Amazon tends to suspend some particular listings from their account for some reasons that aren’t unknown.

Reasons Why Amazon Suspends Accounts

Low Performance

As per appeal guru reviews, Amazon tends to have strict and unique rules that all need to follow, keeping in mind their credibility or seller advocacies. Above all, their main aim is to make the most of the sales processing for all the clients globally. No doubt, one should always run a healthy Amazon account. Some of the reasons the seller has a low performance include:

  • Late Shipment
  • Many Order Deflections
  • Late Shipment

Amazon Policy Violations

One needs to know the Amazon standards and policies even before creating their seller account. Also, they have to keep a note of their product details and ensure they follow all the rules before setting their page to the public. By doing so, it will be pretty easy for sellers to avoid any possible suspension keep the rules out of their minds. They can seek suspension attorney’s advice if the need arises if at all they want more knowledge on the most challenging regulations and policies of the platform.

Items Prohibited On The Seller’s Page:

  • Gambling-Related Items
  • Laser-Based Items
  • Pesticides And Other Compounds
  • Plants And Other Organic Things
  • Service Plans And Warranties
  • Alcohol
  • Animals And Other Animal-Related Products
  • Cosmetics And Other Personal Care Items
  • Currency And Gift Cards
  • Drugs And Drug-Related Items

As per appeal guru reviews, one should start their Amazon suspension letter appeal by indicating their root cause of the suspension of the account and ensure the issue is addressed ideally. It might look easy, but things are pretty challenging for some. Hence one should remember that before they sign up for becoming a seller, they have to think like a consumer and how as a buyer, they will take the product. When it comes to writing an Amazon suspension appeal, one should avoid becoming defensive and not make it look like the suspension was Amazon’s fault at all. Also, one should know that Amazon is an established eCommerce site that also has a plethora of systems that they tend to have a belief in. Above all, as a seller, one needs to understand where Amazon is hailing from, and they are here to solve all the issues.

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