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3 Steps Guide to Choosing a Reliable Data Centre

If you’re after a safe and powerful server for your online project, a trustworthy DC is what you should take care of in the first place. Only by entrusting your data to a professional and certified data security centre can you be sure to enjoy the perks of world-class standards meeting hardware. So, here is a short, 3 crucial steps guide to choosing a trustworthy and modern DC in 2022.

Look for a Certified Company

The best way to start your research is by setting up clear and strict criteria. If you’re a beginner in IT or just want to save up some time, a worldwide recognised certificate should be somewhere at the top of the list. Some prestigious certificates work as virtual and physical security warranties.

For instance, a TIER III certificate issued by the Uptime Institute obliges DCs to use only enterprise-class equipment and ensure the highest standards meeting uptime (365 days a year, 24/7). Not to mention that DC owners must prepare and physically secure the equipment premises following strict guidelines.

Reliable DC is a key to developing an efficient virtual space despite the chosen server. Looking for an affordable Linux OS-based virtual space? Or maybe an easy-to-manage, familiar-interface Windows VPS in a certified DC? Time4VPS, hosts for almost two decades, are ready to craft the individually best space for your project. Try now and if it doesn’t work as expected, get your money back.

Seek Strategically Located DC

Another essential factor is a DC’s location. Even though powerful equipment makes it possible to efficiently store your data in another country or even continent, experts suggest seeking a strategic location. It still can affect your websites’ latency and speed. Think of your business in terms of growth goals and audience location. For instance, if most of your audience is in Europe, finding a DC somewhere in the continent’s heart is a wise idea.

Choose Innovative Team

Finally, opt for ambitious, customer-oriented, flexible DC owners. By the way, it’s ideal if they are hosts themselves. Seems like an obvious criterion to mention, but only a constantly improving and out-of-the-box thinking team can contribute to your project’s growth.  Innovative hosts offer affordable, latest standards meeting service packages. Check seemingly simple but significant details:

  • Highly customizable plans
  • Resources on-demand
  • Genuine 24/7 support
  • Gathered IT community

Host owning a DC is a great way to avoid third-party fees and a long communication chain. Reach out to the candidates and see how the conversation goes. Just think of the pro-level tips you can get for free.

To sum up, these insights pretty much draw up the image of how a reliable DC looks today. Are you still looking for your perfect virtual space? Save up some time and money by opting for a host who owns a modern DC.

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