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Human Sources – Performance Management System and KPIs

Human Sources accounts for initiating the performance evaluation process for that department to evaluate the performance of their staff. On the top from it, Human Sources is tasked to create and get the Performance Management System.

Human Sources will have to be aware of business because of its critical success factors. Human Sources plays the function of business partner of the organization. The important thing performance indicators (KPIs) shall be a consequence of the business indicators. These indicators could be tangible or intangible. In the companywide KPIs, department would then establish its department KPIs. The majority of us could establish this degree of KPIs as Human Sources would arrange workshop to make sure each department understand and get the “How-To” in setting KPIs, namely Finance / cost KPIs, Quality KPIs, Client Satisfaction KPIs, employees learning KPIs and facilities/atmosphere KPIs. Human Resourc would collate each one of these information and monitoring the progress from quarterly, half-yearly to annual.

Human Sources should also design and create a reward system once the department KPIs are achieved. Before this reward system development, the performance evaluation for people, that’s for managers, executives and operatives. Each level will need different KPIs. In the KPIs, the special payment, ex-gratia payment, bonus payment and non-financial rewards for example holiday trip, special celebration, recognition for department or team in addition to individual would be considered for that development and design from the rewards system. Human Sources would be to align the Reward System to Performance Management System with KPIs.

Human Sources needs to further measure the competency from the employees. Likewise, Human Sources will have to make sure the alignment of the organization core learning abilities using the individual competency. The resulting gap may be the learning gap to become close through appropriate media, whether it is online learning, mentoring, coaching, self-development or attending course, workshop and workshops.

Performance Evaluation is the procedure to determine the competency and also the learning gap additionally to reward system. Performance increment depends around the performance evaluation input for that department and also the management for making decisions. Human Sources would craft the notice and letter to speak towards the employees. This is an essential issue. Human Sources may be the corporate communicator and accounts for employees communication.

To become a Choiced Employer, the initiatives of program fall on Human Sources.

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