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Food Colors: Here’s Important Things You Need to Know!

Just imagine if things around you were all black & white; wouldn’t it be super boring. But, luckily your environment is beautiful and filled with vibrant colours – right from things you see, clothes you wear to the food you eat. This vibrancy and colourfulness make everything very appealing.

Speaking of food, as far as food is concerned you want it to please not only your tastebuds but also your eyes – that’s how you first consume your food after all. The food that has a good colour palette and is plated beautifully looks inviting and you will like to eat it. But it is important to know how your favourite foods get their colours. Colouring agents in food plays an important role.

From a long time ago, people have known the art to extract natural food colours from fruits and vegetables, they use these colours to make your food preparation attractive as well as more appetizing. Nowadays, food colours are used in daily cooking especially when it comes to restaurants and eat outs or even packaged foods and beverages.

There are primarily two types of food colours – Synthetic or artificial colour and natural colour. You all must have often come across food labels saying – artificial colours added, and a caution sign along with it, isn’t it? Let us tell you something more about synthetic and natural food colours:

Synthetic or Artificial Food Color

These colours are mainly manufactured by chemical reactions and mostly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Some common food colours are sunset yellow, tartrazine, allura red, amaranth, quinolone yellow, indigo carmine and brilliant blue. Since these colours are chemically produced, it is important to be sure about them being fit for human consumption; hence it is essential for them to meet the desired specifications of the product as stipulated by the FSSAI which is the Indian regulatory body for the use of food colours in different foods.

While artificially synthesized colours were used largely due to their cost-effectiveness and capability of blending easily to give a variety of hues; the usage of synthetic food colours is gradually coming down in India after realising their potentially harmful effects. Consumers are now shifting towards the use of natural food colours.

Natural Food Color

As the name suggests natural food colour is obtained from various sources like fruits, minerals, plants, vegetables and other natural sources that are edible, of course. They give out impressive colours and flavours when they are added to drinks and food.

Natural food colours come in several forms, comprising powder, liquid, pastes and gels. Besides making your food more appealing, the natural colourings are even recognized to majorly increase the nutritional value of your food.

Food colorants are known to protect vitamins and flavours from light damage, ensuring quality for artistic or decorative purposes, making your food from less attractive to more appealing, masking defects, and last but not least keeping certain food preparations taste fresh for a longer time are some more great advantages of food colors.

Although using artificial colours can be less costly, gives brilliant color, as well saves time; considering the consumer sentiment, you must consider using Neelikon natural food colour for healthy cooking especially at home.

Neelikon is one of the top 3 manufacturers and cosmetic pigment suppliers in the world. Over time, they have has emerged as a prime manufacturer of high-quality dyes, pigments & lakes for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, home care, stationery and inkjet ink industries. They have a well-established production facility, a well-equipped laboratory and the latest equipment which ensure the best quality products. Neelikon has an enviable track record with US FDA for 25+ years; So contact them for requirements now.

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