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Can Mobile Games Be Fan Translated?

Mobile games are now already becoming more and more famous, but what is the most popular among them? Mobile games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga can be considered as a toned-down version of PC (personal computer) MMORPGs. This may be true that playing mobile games help people manage their stress or even use it as a pastime to fill in their free time. But there is also another side to this kind of playstyle which is translation.

Since these mobile games are only available for English-based countries it made many non-English speakers want to try out some translation services so they too can play some translation-friendly mobile games. But translation services don’t have an easy way out because translation costs are too high, translation takes time and translation is not an easy task to do.

Mobile games have a lot of characters and words to be translated so it really takes a very long time. Mobile games are played by a lot more players than just a few years ago, this means that there are going to be thousands if not millions of requests from players from different countries waiting for their turn in translation. Translators can’t handle these kinds of numbers since what they receive each day are too many requests.

Mobile game companies may consider giving translators incentives or even adding an option on their official mobile game website where mobile gamers themselves could translate the mobile games’ content straight from their browser with Google Translate or other online tools which also includes submitting new translations directly to mobile game companies. Mobile gamer communities should look into this kind of service because it will not only help them in their translations but also can allow them to be part of the mobile game they translated and the company that produced the mobile game. Mobile games could really rise up in numbers and become more popular than ever with this kind of service available for them.

Fan translation is a huge undertaking, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to see your favorite game in another language, but you also help other fans enjoy the game too. If you’re interested in fan translating a mobile game, we recommend doing some research first to find out what the process entails. There are plenty of helpful resources online that can guide you through the process. We wish you luck on your fan translation journey!

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